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Using the Quartz 2D PDF routines, can the CGPDFDataFormat format of a CGPDFStreamRef PDF stream be equal to CGPDFDataFormatJPEG2000 in any case other than for an XObject image with a filter of /JPXDecode?

In other words, is the CGPDFDataFormatJPEG2000 format ever used for anything other than JPEG2000 image streams? The reasonable answer would be no, but there can always be a difference between common usage and what's theoretically possible.

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JPXDecode filter expects a JPEG2000 image file to be stored in the image XObject, not just compressed raw data. I can say 100% it is always used for image XObjects. But theoretically nothing stops you to wrap your raw content stream data as a JPEG2000 image and then use the JPXDecode filter with a regular content stream. It is just not practical.

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OK, this is what I though was implied by the specification. Thanks for the confirmation! – F'x Apr 30 '11 at 13:23

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