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I sshed to a linux server then run an appliction in termial on my PC, but my PC needs to reboot by some reason. And by now the application still in running status.

May I know is it possible to open another terminal by ssh on another PC then "transparency transfer" the running application to the new opened terminal? Thanks!

And I know the nohup cmd & , but it may not suit for my case.

Thanks for any hint.

B. Rgs

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Give tmux a try. It is similar to screen but with added features like a vertical split without any unofficial patches, etc. Also the default look is better IMO.

I use it for instance to run irssi, rtorrent etc so that I dont have to quit them when dropping back to console from X or switching to another Window Manager. Also, when used from the console (no X running), tmux (like screen) lets you use multiple terminal instances in a single vt/tty.

Hence for your particular scenario, install tmux in the server, ssh, run tmux and then the app. When you want to reboot your local PC, detach the tmux session with C-b d (default keybinding for tmux) and then reboot. Once you are up again, ssh and attach to the session with tmux attach -d

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+1 Didn't know about tmux - looks promising. – Frank Schmitt Apr 30 '11 at 13:10

Try screen - it's the perfect tool for this kind of things. You can detach your current session and re-attach later from a different terminal etc.

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Also, check out tmux. – taro Apr 30 '11 at 13:03

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