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I got this HTML structure:

    <input class="myTrigger" type="radio" value="1"/>
    <input class="myTrigger" type="radio" value="2"/>
        <ul class="class1">
        <ul class="class2">
        <ul class="class2">
        <ul class="class2">

With jQuery, I need to go through each ul and hide the ones that don't have class myClass (wich is defined by the checked radio .myTrigger) then i need to check for the now empty fieldset's (ie: fieldsets where no ul has class myClass) and hide them entirely.

So far, i was able to hide the desired ul's, but not the fieldsets. This is what i got:

function myFunction() {

        var myClass = "class"+($("radio:checked").attr("value"));
        var productGroup = $("form ul");

        $("form fieldset").each(function(index){

            groupCheck = 0;

            $.each(productGroup, function(index, obj){
                        groupCheck += 1;

            if (groupCheck == 0)
            else {



Also i got other scripts on the same page toggling the same ul's ex: (legend).click(function(){$(this).siblings("ul").toggle();}); so can't hide the fieldsets based on the ul's beeing hidden already. instead I need to look for the classes ("myClass") beeing present or not.

(ie: while the small script toogles the ul's just for user convinience "myFunction" needs to filter the ul's and fieldsets to be shown based on "myTrigger" selection.)

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No need for loops; just target the things you want to show/hide with appropriate selectors:

var myClass = 'class' + $('radio:checked:first').attr('value');

// Hide all the <ul>s
$('ul.' + myClass).hide();

// First, show all the fieldsets, in case any were hidden earlier

// Now hide the ones that don't have any visible <ul>s inside
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If there are other uls in there you may need to make it 'fieldset:not(:has(ul.' + myClass + ':visible))' – VoteyDisciple Apr 30 '11 at 14:44
The uls that don't have myClass should be hidden. – Felix Kling Apr 30 '11 at 14:45
Your code woul'd work fine (with @Felix Kling amend), except that I got other spripts in the same page hiding and showing the same ul's based on diferent events. This makes the ul:visible selector impracticable. For this I think i really need to stick with the classes check when hiding the fieldsets. Any Ideas? – nienn Apr 30 '11 at 18:35
edited my question. – nienn Apr 30 '11 at 18:56
Just figured it out. Instead of :visible i'm looking for my class - $('fieldset:not(:has(ul."+myClass+"))').hide(); - and using the rest of your code. You were right, don't need any loop. it's working fine now =) thx – nienn Apr 30 '11 at 19:06

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