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I'm interested in compiling Thrift-generated code and linking to the thrift C++ library in a windows environment. Doing some research, I found a few recent links:

1) Thrift Win32 Installation Using Cygwin/MinGW

2) THRIFT-1031 and THRIFT-1123 patches to compile in MS Visual C++

Using #1, I was able to compile a linux library using MinGW, named libthrift.a. But what I would REALLY like to do is be able to generate Thrift code, and compile it IN WINDOWS using a Thrift dll or lib.

In other words, I see how I can use MinGW to compile Thrift code that EXECUTES in Windows. But I want to be able to DEVELOP AND COMPILE code that uses Thrift, in Windows. Is this possible?

If not, I suppose #2 is my only option, but it seems to be still highly in development phase.

Any ideas?

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There´s a patch available to copile the thrift runtime with visual studio c++. It would be great if the thift developers put this patch in the main code.

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Thrift 0.8 has Visual Studio 2010 projects for the Thrift compilier and library. A number of contributors have put in alot of hard work to support Windows VS development. The 0.8 dev release may be downloaded as a snapshot or via SVN

I've created projects using Thrift in VS and it works great.

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The .sln files are in thrift/lib/cpp/thrift.sln for those who are looking. – clemahieu Jul 31 '12 at 21:11

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