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I would like to know how i can set the current hyperlink id to a hidden field on clicking the corresponding links. The html control code is as follows:

<a href="#TB_inline?height=155&width=300&inlineId=hiddenModalContent" class="thickbox" id="ExpressionsLink"
          title="Create expression column" onclick="keepID()">Add Expressions Model</a> 
           <a href="#TB_inline?height=155&width=300&inlineId=hiddenModalContent" class="thickbox" id="AggregateMethodLink"
          title="Create aggregate column">Add Aggregate Methods</a><input id="HiddenIdHolder" 
          type="hidden" />

I need the id of the link clicked on the hidden field 'HiddenIdHolder'.


 function keepID() {
     var hiddenInput = document.getElementById("HiddenIdHolder");
     hiddeninput.value= ? // What can i do here to get the id?
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this refers to the element itself. Example on jsFiddle



function keepID(element)
    var hiddenInput = document.getElementById("HiddenIdHolder");
    hiddeninput.value = element.getAttribute("id");
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Great....Thanks a lot... –  NewBie Apr 30 '11 at 15:42

Use jQuery:

$('a').click(function() {
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You should modify your HTML to provide argument for KeepID function:

<a href="#xxx" onclick="KeepID(this);">ooxx</a>

note that you should provide a this argument when invoke KeepID function, then in KeepID function, you can access this element from argument:

function KeepID(src) {
    document.getElementById("HiddenIdHolder").value = src.id;
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