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I am trying to draw some bars which are not starting from axis, i mean, e.g., for the dataset [[1,2], [1,5]], what I want to have is a bar between these two points, not [[1,0], [1,5]], which starts from XAxis.

is there any plug-in which can support this?


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For a series of data with bars you can specify a 3rd point which is the bottom of the bar. See the API.txt for details:

Lines and points take two coordinates. For filled lines and bars, you can specify a third coordinate which is the bottom of the filled area/bar (defaults to 0).

Here's an example that is close to what you want:

$.plot($("#placeholder"), [{
    data: [[1,5,2]], //x=1, bottom of bar is 2, top of bar is 5
    bars: { show: true, align:'center', barWidth:0.3 }
{ //your line series data and options here }
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