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I have an ascii text file containing location data (column 9-lat and 10-long) and intensity(column 20)

 200010  207  020311    40658.5  406593 52 344927.31 7100203.50  -26.2078720  127.4491855 345060.64 7100369.14   26.4  650.3  628.0 55471.293    20.168 55648.817 55637.523  -146.062

the text file has many lines 10k+

I am trying to visualize this using GDAL, but not sure how to proceed.


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Try QGis. It is free software for making maps with data.

GDAL is for doing sophisticated data transformations.

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If your file is named viz.txt, then you can extract and plot the data using the following commands:

$ awk '{print $9, $10, $20}' < viz.txt > viz2.txt
$ gnuplot


gnuplot> plot "viz2.txt" with points palette

This will give you a chart, nicely coloured by intensity.

If you want a more interactive solution, or to overlay the data on a map, then you will have to use GIS software such as ArcView, MapInfo or the free tools Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) or QGIS.

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