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Found it on this website.

holder.icon.setImageBitmap((position & 1) == 1 ? mIcon1 : mIcon2);

I'M asking for the "position & 1 ..." I've seen this statement several times, but never knew what it means :/ Though I guess its handy to know :P


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possible duplicate of What are bitwise operators? – Brian Roach Apr 30 '11 at 16:54

& is the bitwise AND operator. Basically, (position & 1) is checking whether the least-significant bit of position is 1 or 0, which is a way of checking whether position is odd or even.

For a full run-down of Java operators, see e.g.

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It is a bitwise AND of (the value of) position and 1.

So, if the least significant bit of position is 1 it will return 1, otherwise it returns 0.

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The single & sign is a bitwise AND operation. You usually use them to apply a bit-mask. In this case if position's last (least significant) bit is 1 then (position & 1) == 1 will be true since the & 1 will zero everything except the last bit by "and-ing" each bit of 'position' with 1.

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