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Help, before I throw my beautiful, expensive MacBook Pro to the ground in a fit of annoyance.

I'm trying to get something working in Expressjs, and it's really getting on my nerves. I'm following the tutorial on: expressjs.com/screencasts.html

Screencast 2:

And I'm getting this error message:

500 Error: /home/duncan/helloExpress/views/users.jade:4 2| p#users 3| - each user in users > 4| li user.name 5| expected "indent", but got "newline"

    * 2| p#users
    * 3| - each user in users
    * > 4| li user.name
    * 5|
    * expected "indent", but got "newline"
    * at Object.expect (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:131:13)
    * at Object.parseBlock (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:330:10)
    * at Object.parseEach (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:289:64)
    * at Object.parseExpr (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:175:21)
    * at Object.parseBlock (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:335:25)
    * at Object.parseTag (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:425:26)
    * at Object.parseExpr (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:163:21)
    * at Object.parse (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/parser.js:114:25)
    * at parse (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/jade.js:179:62)
    * at Object.compile (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/jade.js:224:7)

Please help, I get that it's getting a newline when it's expecting an indent by why? And how do I fix the blooming thing!!

My users.jade is as follows:

h1 Users
    - each user in users
    li user.name



OK so now, it's been pointed out that I should be using a ul instead of a p (paragraph) element - pretty obvious once you notice it, though the error message, could be better.

However, I'm now getting the following errors: Though I'm now getting the following error:

500 SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

    * at Object.Function (unknown source)
    * at Object.compile (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/jade/0.10.6/package/lib/jade.js:230:10)
    * at ServerResponse._render (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/view.js:368:22)
    * at ServerResponse.render (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/view.js:234:17)
    * at Object. (/home/duncan/helloExpress/app.js:46:7)
    * at nextMiddleware (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/router/index.js:139:34)
    * at param (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/router/index.js:147:16)
    * at pass (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/router/index.js:155:10)
    * at Object.router [as handle] (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/express/2.3.2/package/lib/router/index.js:161:6)
    * at next (/usr/local/lib/node/.npm/connect/1.4.0/package/lib/http.js:204:15)

My app.js code is as follows:

var users = [
    {   name: 'Duncan', email: 'duncan@email.com'},
    {   name: 'Bob',    email: 'bob@email.com'}


app.get('/users', function(req, res){
  res.render('users', {
        users: users


I don't know if I'm just being blind today, but I would really like to get this example working.

NB. app.js 46:7 is the 'res.render' char 7 is the . between res and render.

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Throwing your mac book on the floor wont help... Debugging errors is a nightmare but once solved it feels really great, hang in there... :-] –  Haroon Apr 30 '11 at 18:50
Use Textmate or TextWranger and turn on 'invisible characters'. You will see the newline vs. tabs and will be able to fix it hopefully as you see it. –  lobster1234 Apr 30 '11 at 19:02
forgot to mention I'm doing this in Ubuntu via parralls virtual machine. ps. I would like to add, that surprisingly, I am actually a 'developer' - as a profession, but .NET doesn't have these issues - wow, a case where Microsoft works better - well I never. - hehe. ps. I really like the node.js pps. Is this a node issue, an expressjs issue or a jade issue? –  mrdnk Apr 30 '11 at 19:11
it's a jade issue. Jade is the default template engine for express, but far from the only template engine. For instance try github.com/visionmedia/ejs –  generalhenry Apr 30 '11 at 19:47
So is your question answered or no? –  JohnAllen May 1 '11 at 1:55

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I changed the p to a ul (p tags shouldn't have children). And I defined the users array in the jade ( which works well for testing ).

note the indentation after the - each and the li=.

- users = [ { name:'Duncan' }, { name: 'Henry'}, { name: 'Raynos' } ]
h1 Users
  - each user in users
    li= user.name
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well done pretty obvious when you look at li inside a ul not a paragraph. –  mrdnk Apr 30 '11 at 21:16
    - each item in sidebars
          a(href=item.href,target='_self') !{item.name}
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sounds like it might have problems with significant whitespace.


h1 Users
- each user in users
li user.name

It might dislike your indenting. Also generally updating to later versions of jade / node / express can help.

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Tried, still no joy. –  mrdnk Apr 30 '11 at 19:12
I just installed jade and express today –  mrdnk Apr 30 '11 at 19:16
h1 Users
- each user in users
  li user.name

Try that

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I too faced the same issue but my code was like this


h2 All Users
  each user in users
  li #{user.name}


h2 All Users
  - each user in users
    li #{user.name}

It is the matter of adding - before each statement

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