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  1. Is it possible to filter sale orders by full customer name? I need to do this instead of against first/last name
  2. Is it possible to get store name/ID pairs via the API?
  3. Is it possible to filter orders by shipping_country?
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1) Looking over:

public function items($filters = null)
    //TODO: add full name logic

However the logic does seem to be present:

                "CONCAT({{billing_firstname}}, ' ', {{billing_lastname}})",
                array('billing_firstname'=>"$billingAliasName.firstname", 'billing_lastname'=>"$billingAliasName.lastname")
                'CONCAT({{shipping_firstname}}, " ", {{shipping_lastname}})',
                array('shipping_firstname'=>"$shippingAliasName.firstname", 'shipping_lastname'=>"$shippingAliasName.lastname")

2) From my understanding the short answer is no. However there is a get/set currentStore for Categories and Products but I don't think it will give you the pairs you're looking for.

3) You SHOULD be able to use addFieldToFilter but I think the country list may be an integer. Optional filters you might want to use - more available operations in method _getConditionSql in Varien_Data_Collection_Db.

Hope this helps!

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