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Background: I am running Windows 7 with IIS Express configured to use PHP 5.3 and I need to load the mcrypt module. I can't find the files I need.

I also installed PHP 5.2. for IIS Express and it includes both mcrypt files, but those are not compatible with PHP 5.3, since they switched from VC6 to VC9 between 5.2 and 5.3.

There are some packaged distributions of PHP including Apache etc. But they are all wrapped in installers, and I just need these two files.

Where can I find the files?

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From the documentation, it states that:

PHP 5.3 Windows binaries uses the static version of the MCrypt library, no DLL are needed.

You should be able to verify this by running phpinfo, which will tell you if mcrypt is loaded. Make sure that mcrypt is commented out if you copied an older php.ini file.

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  1. You can find the MCrypt library for windows here: http://files.edin.dk/php/win32/mcrypt/

  2. Save libmcrypt.dll in your /php/ext or /php/ folder so php can find it.

  3. Then make sure to update your php.ini




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This gives us back the following Warning: ** "PHP Startup: Invalid library (maybe not a PHP library) 'libmcrypt.dll'" ** –  Randika May 20 '14 at 8:17

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