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I'm not sure i've entitled the question correctly. In my project I have a categories controller with show action

def show
    @category = Category.find params[:id]

And in my view I render all the posts associated with this category

@category.posts.each do |post|
    link_to post.title, post

So now I want to add pagination with kaminari. I believe I could just change @category.posts.each to @category.posts.page(params[:page]).each, but I also think that this should be responsibility of the controller. Or am I wrong? Maybe it's totally fine?

Thanks everyone.

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Your show method should look like this:

def show
  @posts = Category.find(params[:id]).posts.page(params[:page])

And in view:

@posts.each do |post|
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Hey, methyl. I still need access to the @category (to make a title, etc). Should I just make two instance variables: @category and @posts? –  bassneck Apr 30 '11 at 20:56
Yes, you can do it and it will be totally clean and ok. –  methyl Apr 30 '11 at 21:12

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