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Solved. A person has the cab files available for download @

(Found him on google by searching for one of the cab files I need)

Hey, everyone. I downloaded the below DVD image of VS2005 Pro (~2800MB, and the link was a PITA to find) and I ended up with some of the cab files (34 to be exact, totaling ~80MB) corrupt.

If you're wondering why I want VS2005, it's because my windows computer is from 1998 - 300MHz processor, 256MB RAM - and the best it can run is Windows 2000 Professional. 2005 is the latest year that supports Win2k, so here I am.

I was wondering if someone knew where I could download these cab files (for free!) or if someone would be kind enough to upload the cab files that I need in one big package? I would appreciate it a ton.

I've looked at torrents, but again that's downloading a whole lot more than I need to, and it will take hours. Torrents that allow the download of specific files only are no longer seeded (that I could find). ( appears to have the cabs, but I'm not paying $6 per cab!)

I would just re-download the image, but at a ~100KB/s connection that disconnects frequently, I'd rather not have to do that unless I must.

Thank you!

P.S.: Nearly forgot, these are my corrupt cab file names:

P.S.S.: The link to download Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition Trial is:

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@ChrisF Nope - This, I already know what's wrong. I just need the cab files, and I can't find them anywhere on the net. I felt it was inappropriate to ask for cab files on the op. – FurryHead Apr 30 '11 at 20:24

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