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I'd like to be able to deploy staging and production environments with Vlad the Deployer. I've created a separate task for each environment, since each environment is prepared differently. Now I am trying to organize nginx configurations. Should I create two separate nginx configs, put them into sites-enabled folder and include them in nginx.conf?

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You will need two nginx configurations as staging and production will have two domains pointing to different paths. I find a combination of passenger standalone, rvm, nginx, and Ubuntu Upstart (for starting the standalone instances using sockets) to work well (also enables use of any Ruby for each app). –  jvatic May 26 '11 at 13:20

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I think it is depends on complexity of your environments. Some files in sites-enabled folder allows you to have more clean structure. But if you have only two servers and it described by 10 lines, it isn't necessary.

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