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I'm trying to open an SWF file i created using mxmlc but when i open it in the browser it just shows a white page, and if i embed it into html it shows the grey background ... and when i try to open the html file from localhost (using cherrypy) it just says
Error #2046 and the server shows nothing wrong .. the message appears only in the client

I'm using ubuntu 10.10 and running mxmlc from the terminal. note: it used to work a couple of minuets ago, i don't know what happened ... i tried to undo changes and no difference.

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You have a Runtime Shared Library related error:

This error indicates that the loaded RSL was not signed properly. In the case of framework RSLs, the framework's SWZ file that the application attempted to load at run time was not a properly signed SWZ file. You must ensure that you deploy an Adobe-signed RSL.

You should update the shared libraries on your server, so the client to download the proper versions to run the flash application.

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sorry for noobing ... but how do i update these? – Agent1891 May 1 '11 at 21:06
When you compile your project with rsl enabled, a few runtime shared libraries are generated (*.swz) besides the swf file. Those files should be copied to the server near your swf, so when requested they can be found. – rekaszeru May 1 '11 at 21:15

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