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I have for my website a 4 level menu structure: sections (in sections tabel), categories (in categories tabel, with section_id pointing to sections) and then pages (in tabel pages I have parent_id because a page can be actually child of another page, and also each page belong to a section).

How can I build the menu? (I use PHP and MySQL) Now I use 4 nested queries. First I select all sections, then for each section I select all categories, and for all categories I select pages without a parent, and then for each page I select child pages.

Also I can use just one query (with RIGHT JOIN) to get an array with section_id, category_id, page_id, parent_id. But I don't know how to convert this array to an tree array.

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Use this class to convert your query to a tree array.

An example of use.

It's as simple as :

$sql_query = "SELECT field1, field2 FROM table WHERE field3='val1' AND field4=5 OR field5='val2';";

$query2tree = new dqml2tree($sql_query);
$sql_tree = $query2tree->make();

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