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I am currently running Chrome 11 and trying to access getUserMedia for HTML5 native audio and video stream support but I am getting an error saying that navigator.getUserMedia is undefined. If it's not supported, how do I access it or do I need to wait until Chrome incorporates it?

This is the the code I was using to test getUserMedia which I found

 <h1>Snapshot Kiosk</h1>
 <section id="splash">
  <p id="errorMessage">Loading...</p>
 <section id="app" hidden>
  <p><video id="monitor" autoplay></video> <canvas id="photo"></canvas>
  <p><input type=button value="&#x1F4F7;" onclick="snapshot()">
  navigator.getUserMedia('video user', gotStream, noStream);
  var video = document.getElementById('monitor');
  var canvas = document.getElementById('photo');
  function gotStream(stream) {
    video.src = URL.getObjectURL(stream);
    video.onerror = function () {
    video.onloadedmetadata = function () {
      canvas.width = video.videoWidth;
      canvas.height = video.videoHeight;
      document.getElementById('splash').hidden = true;
      document.getElementById('app').hidden = false;
  function noStream() {
    document.getElementById('errorMessage').textContent = 'No camera available.';
  function snapshot() {
    canvas.getContext('2d').drawImage(video, 0, 0);
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The latest opera desktop build has support for getUserMedia() See here:

It's just a waiting game for other browsers to implement this. Now that opera has support, the other should soon follow.

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Since last night (3 May 2012) getUserMedia() in Chrome Canary takes an object not a string.

To try it out, you can run the following code from the console on any page (like this one) with a video element:

  {"video": true, "audio": true}, 
    document.querySelector('video').src = 
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I think there is a stub method in the latest chrome dev (12.0.742.16 dev) but i can't get it to do anything on Mac OSX. At least I thought I saw it. I just checked and the method doesn't seem to be there anymore. Here is the webkit bug report for implementing getUserMedia:

I think the only working implementation at the moment is in Opera for Android.

The chrome/webkit method is webkitGetUserMedia but it isn't implemented yet.

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Chrome Dev Channel JUST added WebRTC support, so NOW what you're asking here actually becomes plausible. See:!topic/discuss-webrtc/LuY7zYLA8sA

Basically, you must use the webkit prefixe: webkitGetUserMedia() although documentation on this method is scarce, I'm currently trying to piece together a working demo of it.

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1 if you are interested in seeing a demo in action... – Greg Miernicki Jan 19 '12 at 21:56

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