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Does anyone know of a simple way to implement a DividedBox layout similar to flex, but done through Flash/as3 ?

I would think there would be a library out there for that already, or some resources, but I'm having a hard time googling for it, as it;s either Flex or unrelated content I keep finding.

EDIT just came across yahoo's astra library (example) I'm going to have a look at it, any other suggestions are appreciated

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You can always use AS3 to create a dividedbox and use it like any other component.


var myDivBox:DividedBox = new DividedBox();
var panelLeft:Panel = new Panel();
//do some changes inside the panel e.g pick a color
var panelRight:Panel = new Pane();
//do some changes inside the panel e.g pick a different  color

The above code is equivalen to

<mx:DividedBox direction="horizontal" width="100%" height="100%">
                <mx:Panel id="panelLeft" title="Panel 1" width="25%" height="100%" backgroundColor="0xCCCCCC">
                <mx:Panel id="PanelRight" title="Panel 2" width="25%" height="100%" backgroundColor="0xCCCCCC">

If you are using flash cs3 or greater, the above code should work like a charm.

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Just came across SPAS at giving it a try. the implementation seems much easier than the astra library. The skinning seems easier than with the flex framework library.

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