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I have created a form in my Google App Engine application for users to select items from a list, the specific details of which (ex. name, other properties) will then be pulled from a datastore table called Item and displayed in a table once the user submits the form.

I have a Python list that contains the keys for the entries selected, pulled from the form. I want to use this list to look-up entries in the datastore and return them in a way that I can pass to a Django template.

I have tried to follow advice on this forum to use GQL Queries, but all I get thus far are empty results, whether using fetch(), hardcoding the key values, trying to use some variation of WHERE Key IN :list or WHERE Key = :variable.

If you need code, let me know which parts would be helpful.

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Perfect! Thank you so very much for your prompt and helpful answer. Problem solved! –  Toby May 1 '11 at 3:10

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