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Is there working example of flex + bison (bison is necessary) with input from string, not file?

I have tried to use YY_BUFFER_STATE ... functions instead of yyin and got error "flex scanner push-back overflow". Flex changes InputString[1] to 0. Several other answers on SO are of little help - actual code will be much more useful.

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The way to scan memory region is described here. Flex modifies the buffer given by yy_scan_buffer. If you need to avoid to be modified, yy_scan_bytes or yy_scan_string will be appropriate.
Whether scanning a file or memory region is independent of the parser(bison). If your lexer fails, I'd recommend checking whether it fails too even when reading from a file.
For your information, the following flex code prints ab and cd in my environment.


[a-z]+  puts( yytext );


int yywrap( void ) { return 1; }

int main() {
  yy_scan_string("ab cd");
  yy_delete_buffer( YY_CURRENT_BUFFER );
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