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how to compute gradient and hessian matrix when the equation can not be solved numerically?

my minimization equation is c=c[(x/y/(1-x)^2)^0.6 + (1-(x/y)/(1-y)^2)^0.6 + 6/y^0.

i tried matlab function "diff" to compute gradient and hessian. but derivations are much longer than one can handle. how to write a code for this?

thanks for help.

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You might have more luck here: –  Eli May 1 '11 at 2:12

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Why do you say the equation cannot be solved numerically? Do you mean it cannot be solved analytically? There appears to be a typo in your statement of the function c that you wish to optimize. When you refer to your use of Matlab's diff() function, do you mean that you evaluated your function on a grid and then differenced it? Or are you talking about passing a function handle to Matlab's symbolic library?

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