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I have two arrays. One is a set of skills, the other is a set of skills that a user can do. To illustrate :

['swimming', 'rowing', 'cycling'] is the set of all skills

Now, a user can have its set of skills like :

['rowing', 'cycling']

How can i create a nice hash that will present whether a user has a current skill ? Like for this particular user, it would be :

{'swimming' => no, 'rowing' => yes, 'cycling', => yes}

P.S. I actually want to do this with active record objects in rails, but i suppose it's the same idea.

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The following will give true and false instead of yes and no.

all_skills = %w[swimming rowing cycling]
user_skills = %w[rowing cycling]

Hash[all_skills.map{|k| [k, user_skills.include?(k)]}]

or, if you don't mind getting nil instead for the no cases, the following is faster.

Hash[user_skills.map{|k| [k, true]}]}
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Here's one terse way to do that:

ALL_SPORTS = ['swimming', 'rowing', 'cycling']

user_array = ['rowing', 'cycling']
user_hash = ALL_SPORTS.inject(Hash.new) { |h, sport| {sport => user_array.include?(sport)}.merge(h) }
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I am presuming when you say 'yes' and 'no' you really want boolean values. The following doesn't use any intermediate values and only relies on the user's defined sports:

> h = Hash.new(false).merge(Hash[%w[rowing swimming].map {|v| [v.to_sym, true]}])
 => {:rowing=>true, :swimming=>true}

Now if you invoke any other sport as a key that the user doesn't have you get the desired result:

> h[:golf]
 => false

This also assumes you want symbols for keys too.

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