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I'm trying to have some css applied for the first div with id=div1. When I do .alldivs:first, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

<div class="alldivs">
   <div class="onediv" id="div1">
   <div class="onediv" id="div2">
   <div class="onediv" id="div3">
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There's something ambiguous in this question: Are you trying to select the div with id of "div1" or the first child div? Right now, with this code, they're the same thing, but conceptually they're not. If you ever rearrange those blocks, then the accepted answer is going to end up applying to a different div. –  Su' May 1 '11 at 9:48

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If you want to select the first child: .alldivs>:first-child should do the trick.

Edit: Su edited my post to say .alldivs:first-child. This actually isn't right and I've restored it to what I originally put. The :first-child syntax selects the first child of its parent that matches the selector immediately previous to the colon. Therefore, p:first-child would match any paragraph that was the first child of its parent. Thus, .alldivs> matches any child of .alldivs and :first-child matches the first one. Please make sure you're correct before editing others posts.

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What you want is:

.alldivs div:first-child
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If the div has an id already, just select it by id.

#div1 {
   /* yes that's all you need */

There's no such thing as two elements with the same id (if you're paying attention to the rules), so it doesn't matter if it's first or thirty-first.

If you're looking for the first div no matter what the id, use .alldivs :first-child

Here's some reference for further understanding:


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.alldivs is not a selector, if you wanted to select the first div in the dom it would be div:first-child or if you wanted to select the first div with the class onediv it would be .onediv:first-child

I hope this helps you

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