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I have a function variable like this... $aName = "My Name";

$sayHelloFunction = public function sayHello($aName){

and I have something like this.....


Inside the "callAFunctionFromFunction", I do this:

            if(is_callable($sayHelloFunction)) { 

I found that the "My Name" can't display, what did I do wrong...

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I suggest you to look here and here as these exact threads deal with passing a function as a parameter. Also closures (anonymous functions) in PHP have no name (that's why they are called anonymous), so what you should do is something like that.

<?php $sayHelloFunction = function($aName){
if(is_callable($sayHelloFunction)) $sayHelloFunction("Testing 1,2,3");
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Well, closures have been added in PHP 5.3. Only public is invalid here. – Felix Kling May 1 '11 at 7:36

The function sayHello expects a parameter $aName, but when you call it you don't pass in a value.

You would need to do this:

    if(is_callable($sayHelloFunction)) { 
              $sayHelloFunction("Hello John"); 

Also you can't use the public access type with closures.

 $sayHelloFunction = function sayHello($aName) {
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