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I have images in my DB and I put it to my GridView by this code:

public void setNotes()
        String[] columns = {NotesDbAdapt.KEY_ID, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_IMG, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_NAME, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_DATE, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_TIME};
        String   table   = NotesDbAdapt.NOTES_TABLE;

        Cursor c = MainNote.mDB.getHandle().query(table, columns, null, null, null, null, null);


        SimpleCursorAdapter adapter = new SimpleCursorAdapter(this,
                new String[] {NotesDbAdapt.KEY_IMG, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_NAME, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_DATE, NotesDbAdapt.KEY_TIME},
                new int[] {,,,});

        adapter.setViewBinder(new NotesBinder());


All ok, but but the scrolling is slow, jerky. Seems that information takes from DB every time. How to fix it?

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This method was deprecated in API level 11. Use the new CursorLoader class with LoaderManager instead. It can perform the cursor query on a background thread so that it does not block the application's UI.

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