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I want to send email from a Ruby application. Is there a call in the core language to do this or is there a library I should use? What's the best way to do this?

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If you don't want to use ActionMailer you can use Net::SMTP (for the actual sending) together with tmail for easily creating emails (with multiple parts, etc.).

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+1 for tmail. It's nicely done. – the Tin Man Dec 4 '10 at 20:21
require 'net/smtp'
SMTP_SERVER = 'mailserver01' #change to your server

def send_emails(sender_address, recipients, subject, message_body)
	recipients.each do |recipient_address|
		message_header =''
		message_header << "From: <#{sender_address}>\r\n"
		message_header << "To: <#{recipient_address}>\r\n"
		message_header << "Subject: #{subject}\r\n"
		message_header << "Date: " + + "\r\n"
		message = message_header + "\r\n" + message_body + "\r\n"
		Net::SMTP.start(SMTP_SERVER, 25) do |smtp|
			smtp.send_message message, sender_address, recipient_address
send_emails('',['', ''],'test Email',"Hi there this is a test email hope you like it")
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I use the Net::SMTP library

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You might also consider taking a look at the ActionMailer component that ships as part of, but is not dependent on Rails.

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RubyMail is an email handling library for Ruby.

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I know this is a late answer to this, but this was just released:

Might be useful.

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