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I want to validate a field to be able to accept values only between 1 and 100. It works fine, but when i write a something that is not an integer is don't see the custom message i expect.

This is the field:

<h:inputText id="discountPercentage" value="#{newOfferSupportController.discountPercentage}" validator="#{newOfferSupportController.validateDiscountPercentage}"/>
            <span style="color: red;"><h:message for="discountPercentage"
                showDetail="true" /></span>

This is the validator method:

public void validateDiscountPercentage(FacesContext context,
            UIComponent validate, Object value) {
        FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage("");
        String inputFromField = "" + value.toString();
        String simpleTextPatternText = "^([1-9]|[1-9]\\d|100)$";
        Pattern textPattern = null;
        Matcher productValueMatcher = null;
        textPattern = Pattern.compile(simpleTextPatternText);
        productValueMatcher = textPattern.matcher(inputFromField);

        if (!productValueMatcher.matches()) {
            msg = new FacesMessage("Only values between 1 and 100 allowed");
            throw new ValidatorException(msg);

        for (int i = 0; i < inputFromField.length(); i++) {
            // If we find a non-digit character throw Exception
            if (!Character.isDigit(inputFromField.charAt(i))) {
                msg = new FacesMessage("Only numbers allowed");
                throw new ValidatorException(msg);

This is the error i message i see when i ester something that is not a number:

enter image description here

Why i don't see the message: Only numbers allowed?

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I'm not sure about that, but isn't this field productValue and not discountPercentage ? – MByD May 1 '11 at 12:05
Yes you are right there is another field called productValue with the same issue, i just print screened the wrong one. – sfrj May 1 '11 at 17:33
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Why don't you use jsf's LongRangeValidator for this purpose?

<h:inputText id="discountPercentage" 
   <f:validateLongRange minimum="1" maximum="100"/>

You can even define your own custom validation messages if the default messages don't fit your needs. See this answer for more information.

Besides this, your error message is for productValue and not for discountPercentage.

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