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For my task I need to analyze visual structure of the web page. I am using QtWebkit via PyQt as its an easy to use implementation of Webkit and easily available on all distros.

QtWebkit provides QWebElement objects which has geometry property and I can use it to obtain the location and dimensions of each DOM node. However I also need to subtract the margin, border and padding from the geometry returned.

I am using the styleProperty() method of QWebElement to get the border and margin properties as:

documentElement.styleProperty('border-bottom', QWebElement.ComputedStyle)

But it return's empty string denoting absence of the style method description here. Please help me how can I get the border, margin and padding so that I can subtract those from the geometry returned by geometry() method.

Update 1: It happens that I can get the CascadedStyle for some elements but the ComputedStyle remains empty for all elements.

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I found with some hit and tries that border style is not used that much and I found other properties coming right.

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