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I have bassistance jquery-plugin-autocomplete setup and working fine for FF and chrome but with IE there is a strange behaviour. If I select an option with the arrow+ enter key the result gets selected and treated as choosen (->input box and submit form) but if I select with the mouse and and the active-css is applied it does not work (on click the result window just dissapear) AND if I click fast so that the CSS does not yet apply it works. I tried the bgiframe after reading some posts but I think this problem is different.

Have anyone met this problem and know how to fix it.

(I do not put any code since I do not demand anyone to try to bugfix a jquery plugin, rather just see if somebody met and fixed this problem themselves and can share)


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I had the exact same problem with the autocomplete in jquery-ui 1.8.6, which has taken over the development of the bassistance plugin. After upgrading to the latest version (1.8.16 at the time of writing) the problem was solved. This SO answer led me in the right direction.

As you're still using the bassistance version, which is depricated, I would suggest upgrading to the latest jquery-ui version.

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