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If you open the properties window of a certificate in the certificate manager in windows you will see both a friendlyname and description field. I'm trying to get to the description field programatically via powershell.

When accessing the certificates via powershell's certificate provider cert: you get an object that only exposes the FriendlyName as Name.

As far as I can tell, this is all a wrapper to the CAPICOM APIs. Neither the description or the get_extendedproperties method are exposed.

How can I access the description field problematically via powershell? Please note that I tried to simply do

$store = new-object -com "CAPICOM.Store"

to use the CAPICOM api directly ala This Link, but I get a 80040154 error on my 64bit Win2K8 box.

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Open x86 Powershell instead of x64. This should get you started:

$store = new-object -com "CAPICOM.Store"
$store.Open(2, "CA", 1)
$store | fl *
$store.Certificates | %{ $_.display() }
$store.Certificates | %{ $_.extendedproperties() }
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Great, that worked and gets me closer to solving the problem. I'll do some researching before asking about the 64 bit version of CAPICOM. –  Brian Adams Feb 25 '09 at 21:45

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