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Config files have grown so complex that some have suggested that they are their own programming language. If I were to take this analogy further, it would make sense to have some consistencies when editing the file.

I was going to limit this question to WCF, which is very sensitive to the smallest configuration change, but think other sections (web.config) would benefit from a structure as well.

Given that VS2010 will handle the indentation of the file, what other standards are applicable when updating a config file? Some ideas I came up with :

  • Sort <config sections> alphabetically
  • The name identifier within <config sections/> should be pushed to the left


  • Group identifiers and config sections by similar function

I'm guessing the guidance may vary slightly between specialties (Web vs WCF vs identity model) but I'd appreciate hearing your own perspective.

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I always (until something forces the opposite) sort everything alphabetically (sections, nodes, subnodes), except sections' declaration, which have to going first.

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