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First at all sorry for my poor english, but i might that you can understand what i mean.

I need to get the url redirected by a server, for example

http://exam.ple/get/23456 turns to -> http://exam.ple/full_url/content?id=34567

im trying to do that in ajax, but is weird, the thing only works when the shorten url is loaded by the browser, when i try to access that url in ajax, i get the google homepage as result.

Im not interested in the content of the page, just the url, and the cross-domain policies aren't the problem. Maybe would be easyer using a php proxy but im trying to avoid server side codes

Note: the shorten links are protected from scraping by robots.txt

Thanks in advance.

EDIT I didn't post any codes cause nothing worked at all, i've tryed many ways,

    url: "http://exam.ple/get/23456",  

    var request = new air.URLRequest("http://exam.ple/get/23456");  
    var loader = new air.URLLoader();

function completeHandler(event){  
    var dataXML =;  

Also trought

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();  
req.onreadystatechange = function() {   ..........

But as i said, the response is always the same, the google homepage. And no, dont want to redirect the user to anywhere, just need the url data to work with it.

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It would be good if you post your code. However, here are some tips:

1) Try using non-full url in your ajax call

      url: "/get/23456",

2) Do you need to redirect on the client? if so, you can use:

   location.href = "/full_url/content?id=34567";

Hope this helps. If not, please post your code and explain it a little bit so we can help you better. Cheers

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I cannot use non-full urls becouse is an air app by the way – Tron May 1 '11 at 15:46

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