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Rails generates fixtures ID using the hash of the label when the ID field is left blank, so that we can reference to the object by lable instead of ID. However, this gets a bit funny on Oracle when you're trying to insert another record to the table and it's trying quite hard to look for the next ID in the sequence - because the hash is quite long and they're not in sequence.

I'm wondering how other people deal with Oracle? Obviously I don't really want to reference to the object by ID (ugly), so should I add the ID then use <%= Fixtures.identify(:label_blah) %> instead of the label? Are there better ways?

Thanks in advance!


  ### in monkeys.yml

    name: George the Monkey
    pirate: reginald
    fruits: apple, orange, grape

  ### in fruits.yml

    name: apple

    name: orange

    name: grape
 Fruit id: 106928869, name: 'apple'
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