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iPhone development on Windows

How can we build IPAD appon windows platform.

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You can't. Simple as that. You'll need xcode, or you use some kind of non-native platform to develop web-like applications, but still those most of the time need OSX. Not all though.

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If you're referring to a native iPad app, you can't on the windows platform at this stage (and it will be very unlikely it will ever be possible in the foreseeable future). However, if it's a web based iPad app it's possible.

Have a look here as a starting point for seeing how web apps are possible on the iPad.

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There are guides on the internet on how to run Mac OS X on 'normal' PCs, though it's not legal (the Mac OS X license allows Mac OS X only to run on Apple computers) and not supported either. Mac OS X is required to run Xcode, the software used to create iPhone & iPad apps.

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You need a Mac OS. Buy new or used Mac or make a hackintosh. Then go to Apple Developer http://developer.apple.com/ for tools and samples.

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