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I know that there is a way to get a list of file names in a folder using PHP...


Is there currently any way to get the date/time the file was uploaded/created using php?

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Unix does not keep track of when a file was created, only when it was changed, modified, and accessed. You can use filectime, filemtime, and fileatime, respectively to do this. If you are dealing with uploaded files, it is probably incredibly rare that you would alter the file at any time, so filemtime() is likely to give you the creation time.

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You can use the filemtime function to get the last modification time of a file and fileatime to get the access time.

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filemtime returns the time when the data blocks of a file were being written to, that is, the time when the content of the file was changed.

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I think this might help:

Have a look at the examples. They show the modified time and the accessed time. Otherwise you could store information in a database and read it from there - but that is much more performance eating.

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Use PHP's stat() function to check:

$pathToFile = $_FILE....;

$stat = stat( pathToFile );

echo 'Creation time ' . $stat['mtime'];

mtime returns information like filemtime(), but some more details.

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