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Couple questions about the implementation of the XHR request:

I am trying to make a form in popup.html that allows for the filling of a box with text (in popup.html) and submits that to a remote website using get and replaces the contents of the box with the return of the php (json).

Heres the code so far:

Any idea why when I click submit nothing happens?

Also the manifest permissions:

  "permissions": [



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forms don't need permissions at all to do a cross domain post (in theory). That being said, the popup.html never reloads in a browser action (or page action) when a form is submitted.

An easy thing to do is to capture onsubmit on the form and simply do an XMLHttpRequest attaching the form as per the Mozilla MDC site.

Which in summary is (copied from mozilla):

var formElement = document.getElementById("myFormElement");
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", "submitform.php");
xhr.send(new FormData(formElement));
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Got it thanks!So it has to be injected into a empty form. –  NoviceCoding May 1 '11 at 17:30

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