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Im having some conflicts with the Searchable plugin.

I have a filter which fetches the controller in question in the before phase. It fetches the requested controller by finding the first controller that has the same name as controllerName which is a property available in grails filters.

however, my problem is that the Searchable plugin has its own SearchableController, and i myself have made my own version of the SearchableController. The effect of this is that i have two classes with the same name that would match controllerName in my find logic.

    controller = grailsApplication.controllerClasses.find { c ->
        c.logicalPropertyName == controllerName

Can i somehow remove the SearchableController that comes with the plugin? What are my options?

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Can you not put your SearchableController in a different namespace for the purpose of differentiation? –  Jon Cram May 1 '11 at 20:51

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Maybe this could help you:


I found an existing post on this topic: Disable grails Searchable plugin default search page?

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I worked around the issue by renaming my SearchableController class to SearchController. Don't like workarounds tho...

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