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each dictionary has the form: records[name]=[email,telephone] the dictionary is pickled and stored in a file name recordsfile .

the big problem after if ı made above...

adds new record to the addresbook ?

thanks for helping ..

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Well, if I understand your question correctly (Please try and be more clear next time, also use better grammar as we all know anyone who comes on this site can), you would have to unpickle the dictionary, add a key:value pair, than pickle it again. For example,

import cPickle as pickle

addressBook = {"Foo": "555-555-5555, foo@bar.com"}

for key, var in addressBook.iteritems():
    print key, ":", var


addressFile = open("address.pickle", "wb")
pickle.dump(addressBook, addressFile)

#Now to add a new value to addressBook

addressFile = open("address.pickle", "rb")
addressBook = pickle.load(addressFile)

addressBook["Bar"] = "012-345-6789, bar@foo.com"

for key, var in addressBook.iteritems():
    print key, ":", var

addressFile = open("address.pickle", "wb")
pickle.dump(addressBook, addressFile)�ddressBook, addressFile)

Now, I just threw that together in a couple of minutes, so it can obviously be cleaned up. However, it does show you the basics of how to do what you're asking for.

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