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Is there a way to make the __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ macro only resolve to the first part of an ObjC selector?

-(void)arg1:(int)a1 arg2:(int)a2 arg3:(int)a3 {
     /* Prints 'arg1:arg2:arg3'
        I want it to print 'arg1'
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Then you should edit that string by using something like:

NSString *method = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%s", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__];
[method substringToIndex:[method rangeOfString:@":"].location];

You could then make a macro out of it for easy usage (using _cmd gives better results, as noted by Ole)

#define __LOG_PRETTY_FUNCTION__ { \
    NSString *method = NSStringFromSelector(_cmd); \
    NSUInteger location = [method rangeOfString:@":"].location; \
    if(location == NSNotFound) NSLog(@"%@", method); \
    else NSLog(@"%@", [method substringToIndex:location]); \
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No. But you could easily write your own macro that takes _cmd (one of the two hidden arguments passed to each method), converts it to a string with NSStringFromSelector() and parses the string to remove everything after and including the first colon it finds.

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