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This is my part of jsp file.i am struggling to set param value to SalesClientDetails.jsp.i am not using this style <% %>. How to pass param i tried using jsp:expression but no success.

    if (request.getParameter("clientid") != null) {
        String clientid = request.getParameter("clientid");

        <jsp:include page="SalesClientDetails.jsp">
            <jsp:param name="clientid" value= />

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Simple, do not use scriptlets, also not in flavor of JSP tags. Use JSTL/EL.

<c:if test="${not empty param.clientid}">
    <jsp:include page="SalesClientDetails.jsp" />

And in the SalesClientDetails.jsp just get it by

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You've created the variable clientId within a scriptlet, which means that it's a Java variable (versus a value in the page context). So you have to retrieve it with <%= %>:

<jsp:param name="clientid" value="<%=clientId%>" />
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Taking a second look at your code, I'm somewhat surprised that it compiles at all. Does it? – Anon May 1 '11 at 20:32

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