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I am trying to the following:

  • user clicks on a specific date
  • fancybox opens with data entry options
  • capture the date on which the calendar was clicked
  • grab that date and inject it into the value of a text input

This is my code:


    dayClick: function (date)


<a href="#data_entry" id="inline">Add Event</a>

<div style="display:none">
    <div id="data_entry">
        <form action="events/events_save" method="post" name="events_form" id="events_form">
         <input type="text" name="date" value="<?php date('m/d/Y'); ?>" class="datepicker">

I am running into the following issues:

  • when clicking on a date on the calendar the fancybox pops up and I get Mon Apr 25 2011 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT) ==> I need this to be mm/dd/yy like 04/25/11

  • if right after that I close the fancybox and click on the anchor tag "Add Event", the fancybox opens but the date is populated with Mon Apr 25 2011 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT) ==> it should actually contain today's date because of the PHP string I put in the value field (this is fixed only if I refresh)

Anyone have suggestions on how to solve either issue?

Thanks a ton.

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To format dates, run the date through fullcalendar's formatDate method. Try:

$('.datepicker').val($.fullCalendar.formatDate( date, "MM/dd/yy"));
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brilliant - thanks a lot @justkt that worked nicely -- do you have any suggestions for the other issue? –  torr May 2 '11 at 0:04
@torr - can you clarify what the issue is? –  justkt May 2 '11 at 1:04
sure - i trigger a fancybox for data entry using 2 methods - [a] clicking on a calendar date, or [b] clicking an anchor text. The anchor text is for, say, entering an event on a date that is not displayed by the calendar at that moment (eg, a date way in the future) OR if the user prefers to enter data that way. When clicking on the anchor, I would like the date to show as today - that why there's that PHP line in the OP code above. But if one uses method [a] first, and right after uses method [b], the date that shows is the one from method [b]. –  torr May 2 '11 at 1:52
@torr - make sure to set $('.datepicker').val($.fullCalendar.formatDate( new Date(), "MM/dd/yy")); on clicking from the anchor. –  justkt May 2 '11 at 12:15
@justkt - where exactly do i put that line - should it go as a function following $("a#inline").fancybox();? –  torr May 3 '11 at 0:04

Perfect! This helped me out too as I could not find any documentation on how to use formatDate method...

alert($.fullCalendar.formatDate( calEvent.start, "yyyy-MM-dd"));
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