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There is wsimport command that generates all the types referenced in WSDL. But this does not do anything with all the remaining boilerplate of calling a web service method, parsing XML into Java objects etc.

Suppose a web service as defined by the service provider WSDL called CustomerService provides an operation getCustomerAddress(String CustomerID) and returns object of type CustomerAddress. wsimport only generates types such as CustomerAddress. What I am looking for is auto-generated code like:

String AppID = "" ;  // autogenerated (if there was such parameter specified in WSDL)
String endpointA = "some end point";
CustomerAddress getCustomerAddress(String customerID) {

// all the bolierplate of actaully calling the webservice, unmarshalling the XML response 
// including error/exception handling etc.

return result;
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I like Spring web services, especially if you're already using Spring.

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I could not find how can i use Spring web services to auto-generate the boilerplate code? Can you provide a bit more information? –  ace May 11 '11 at 13:11
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