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I'm working on a plugin and I'm using wordpress' custom post type feature. Basically I'm creating a "Featured links" of that you can add a link just as you'd add a post. User enters a title, url (custom field) and sets a featured image. The problem is, this creates a blank post for each link added. Using custom post types--is there anyway to set the capability_type to links or blogroll type?

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When creating custom post types with register_post_type, If you don't want to allow direct access to the post you could try setting public to false and then set query_var to true or your post type which i believe would allow you to still display the links but not allow direct access to the post. I haven't tested this though. I would have just put this in a comment but I don't have enough reputation.

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Not sure if you must use custom post types.

If you don't. Have you tried post formats? Andrew Nacin on post formats

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