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I am using the Xampp server with php5 . I have been trying to get the curl extension working. But, unable to do it. I uncommented the php_curl.dll line in php.ini. I dont see curl enabled in phpinfo() . I also copied the ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll files to both syswow64 and system32 directories. Do i have to install anything on the server? Has anyone used xampp server before with curl ? thanks

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To be honest I did not used XAMPP but couple of times I've faced problems with WAMP extensions on Windows.

Almost always reason was one of the following:

  1. There aren't required file in /ext directory,
  2. Extension line in php.ini is commented,
  3. I forgot to restart server.

Also, this looks interesting (from link #1 below):

There’s a straight-forward XAMPP FAQ Entry about their php.ini stucture. For those looking for the easy fix, ignore everything but the /apache/bin/php.ini file. That’s the only one that counts, regardless of which PHP version you’re currently using.

What about all the .dll files you need? Well, you don’t need them. Everything you need to run CURL on a XAMPP install is included in the download. Stop downloading extra crap and sticking it all over your system. XAMPP knows what it needs, where it’s at, and how to use it. End of story.

If above steps doesn't help, read following articles (and comments):

Be aware of multiple php.ini files in XAMPP. Be sure that you have edited right one.

P.S. I've just tried to enable cURL in Wamp/XP. I've removed leading semicolon ; from line ;extension=php_curl.dll and restarted server. Now I can see cURL support: enabled in phpinfo() page. I guess that's easy in XAMPP too.

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