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I'm using iReport 4.0.2 and am trying to use the Table component. I'm pretty familiar with subreports, and know how to pass parameters from the master report to subreports and back for subtotals and other calculations. I'd like to do the same with Tables. I'm doing a grouped report, with a Table for each group. That's working fine. Now I need a subtotal at the bottom of each table, and a grand total at the bottom. The first thing that I notice is that Tables don't have a 'return value' like a subreport, so my usual method of summing within subreports and returning the value to the master isn't possible. I notice that there is a 'column footer' and 'table footer' section in the Table, but I can't see that any functionality is tied to those sections for generating subtotals. I've searched high and low for documentation on Tables, and have come up empty.

My Table is using a dataset. Currently, I'm creating a GrandTotal variable in the master report. Then I am creating a parameter in the dataset used by the table. I'm setting the parameter initial value to be GrandTotal. In the dataset, I also have a CURRENT_TOTAL variable that is initialized by the dataset parameter, and its variable expression is


If I place CURRENT_TOTAL in the table footer, it is coming up NULL. I guess I don't know when dataset variables get evaluated (if at all) when used in a Table.

Any guidance, philosophy, or pointers to actual documentation would be much appreciated.

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