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I am looking for a .net control that allows the users of my webapp to select a period in time. Basically something like the control google provides in their analytics application, where you can select a begin and enddate in one calendarcontrol. It doesn't even has to be ajaxenabled because it is against company guidelines to use ajax technology anyway. I already googled for it, but apparently I must be using the wrong search queries. If anyone can tell me the name of such a tool, so I can google some more, or knows such a tool that would be great.

thx in advance.

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Does it necessarily need to be a .NET control? The YUI date control can do this. I've used it in a couple projects and it's quite solid. Just throw in a couple textboxes or hidden fields to get your dates posted back to the server.

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With jQuery there are a couple of options, for example:

Being client side widgets you will have to interact with the server only with a text box input control (and take care of the formatting and parsing on server side).

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