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I am looking for a way to communicate with a control-board (u can consider it a sensor device) using USB cable. My sensor device supports usb but I think android does not have a way for that.

Can that be possible through Bluetooth dongle?

Is there any Android device available which supports USB host.

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USB host has been "hacked" into a lot of android phones, but it's not very user friendly and weird cabling is needed along with a power supply as the phone won't power a usb device.

Some of the "first generation" android tables apparently had USB host on some models.

I've seen pictures of a Xoom connected directly (via a short OTG cable) to a thumb drive that it appears to be powering and reading from, apparently it was unofficial software.

As for your other questions, yes, you can use bluetooth if you get a bluetooth modem for your embedded device. Or you can use wifi. Some of the phones have low voltage debug serial ports. Or you can build a modem / DTMF control interface to connect to the headphone jack...

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the ViewSonic GTab has usb host: – Brian O'Dell May 3 '11 at 15:40

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