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I want to change a 2dim char array in a function.

I allocate the space like

char **u;
u = new char * [ MAX_DEPTH ];
for (i=0; i<MAX_DEPTH; i++)
    u[ i ] = new char [ BUFFER_SIZE ];

the function looks like

rem(char ***arr, int max_length, char *url)
    int idx=0;
    char * p;
    int i;

    p = strtok (url,"/"); 

    while (p != NULL && idx < max_length)

        for (  i=0; i<maxUrlSize-1 && p[i] != '\0'; i++)
            (*arr)[idx][i] = p[i];
        for (     ; i< maxUrlSize-1; i++)
            (*arr)[idx][i] = '\0';

the function will be used in my main program.

rem( &u, MAX_LEN, url);

but after leaving the function there is nothing in. Could someone explain me how to use pointers in this way?

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There;s nothing obviously wrong, but more than 1-line fragments would really help - we have to infer that the function implementation is rem(char ***tmp, int ?) for the code to even begin to make sense. –  Phil Lello May 2 '11 at 4:35
The code you posted is all correct. –  Borealid May 2 '11 at 4:38
From the function, this code looks absolutely fine. Could u please provide the code on how you are invoking this method from other parts of the program. –  Purnima May 2 '11 at 4:43
@Roby: Please edit and align your code. One of the members took the pains for doing it for you the first time,You should learn it from there...Can't have a endless loop of your edits & then counter edits to make it readable. –  Alok Save May 2 '11 at 4:45
Without seeing the actual code in rem, what you have looks OK. However, unless you are reallocating the space assigned to u inside the function rem, you don't really need to pass &u here. Just pass u instead. The receiving parameter tmp should just be char **, and you would access it as tmp[i][j]. EDIT to comment: What is tmp? Looks like a global. –  Joel Lee May 2 '11 at 4:45

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You need to change the reference to tmp in your function, to arr. You aren't accessing the parameter arr at all. Also, you do not need char *** here, since you aren't changing the space allocated to u. Instead, you should have parameter char **arr, which you access as arr[i][j]. And you should then pass u to rem, rather than &u.

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you are right, i removed some lines of code and paste it together... tmp is arr ... im sorry used the wrong name :-/ –  Roby May 2 '11 at 4:53

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