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Please can you help me with the following questions?

  1. How do I rotate (about the Z axis) a camera position around a Vector3 as pivot?
  2. How do I rotate (about the Z axis) a quad object positioned in front of that camera and make sure that the quad always faces the camera around the same Vector3 pivot?

The picture to explain it is below:

Image showing the concept of a billboard

Please kindly answer, thank you

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In addition to rotating the camera around that vector3 point, you can also use that as the target that the camera is looking at. Then you only need to transform the camera's position around that point. It appears that the up vector for making the camera will always stay the same. You mention the Z axis but XNA is a Y-up system so from your image you would perform rotations about the Y axis.

Vector3 pivotPoint = new Vector3(?, ?, ?);
cameraPosition = Vector3.Transform(cameraPosition - pivotPoint, Matrix.CreateRotationY(anglePerFrame)) + pivotPoint;
View = Matrix.CreatLookAt(cameraPosition, pivotPoint, Vector3.Up);

Matrix billboardWorld = Matrix.Identity;
billBoardWorld.Forward = Vector3.Normalize(cameraPosition - pivotPoint);
billboardWorld.Right = Vector3.Normalize(Vector3.Cross(billboardWorld.Forward, Vector3.Up));
billboardWorld.Translation = cameraPosition - (billboardWorld.Backwards * distFromCamera);
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Ok great it FIX the camera rotation, thanks But about the facing still problem, first of all I'm using Vector3.Zero as pivot, second I dunno what is distfromcamera mean? is it distance of each quad origin vector3 to the camera or what? I'm trying this: –  user733916 May 4 '11 at 2:09
Matrix billboardWorld = Matrix.Identity; billboardWorld.Forward = Vector3.Normalize(camPosition - Vector3.Zero); billboardWorld.Right = Vector3.Normalize(Vector3.Cross(billboardWorld.Forward, Vector3.Up)); billboardWorld.Translation = camPosition - (billboardWorld.Backward * (Vector3.Distance(camPosition, quad.Origin))); quad.World = billboardWorld; quad does rotate problem is first the quad does not exists then suddenly as camera rotating counter clockwise, the quad appear from right moving left racing the camera then dissapear? –  user733916 May 4 '11 at 2:10
'distanceFromCamera' means the distance (in xna units) that you want the billboard to be from the camera... how far away from the camera the billboard is. –  Steve H May 7 '11 at 12:24
Try billboardWorld.Translation = cameraPosition + (billboardWorld.Backwards * distFromCamera); //for the last line of the snippet I placed. I think I placed a - (minus) when I should have placed a + (plus). –  Steve H May 7 '11 at 12:25

Note that XNA has a helper for this Matrix.CreateBillboard(...), although if you have access to the camera matrix it is probably simpler to do the following:

        var billboardWorld = Matrix.Invert(camera.ViewMatrix);
        billboardWorld.Translation = billboardPosition;
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