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I have a web applet that I update regularly and I finally decided to make an updater. However when I download an update in java it downloads fine. However when I try to unpack + run the update by using Runtime.getRuntime().exec(pathToFile); I get CreateProcess error=740, The requested operation requires elevation

How can I fix this if the program is a web applet? I can't just tell them to run their browsers as administrators. How can i fix this?

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whats file type of update? –  Nirmal- thInk beYond May 2 '11 at 4:48
Win32 executable a windows application –  Kyle May 2 '11 at 4:50

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One of my friends was having this exact same problem about a month ago (he was unrolling an update via a .exe file), and I remember that this link helped him tremendously: http://mark.koli.ch/2009/12/uac-prompt-from-java-createprocess-error740-the-requested-operation-requires-elevation.html

I would make this simply a comment under your question (doesn't seem worthy of a straight up answer/solution), but I don't have enough rep yet to comment. :-P

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+1 thanks, i encounterd same problem and setting uac to lowest solved the instalation problem –  Zavael Sep 11 '12 at 11:55

When using .exec(cmd), prefix your command with cmd /c so you end up with something like rt.exec("cmd /c <your command>"). This will launch the process and invoke the UAC if needed.

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Thanks for the late update! :D –  Kyle May 18 '12 at 8:10
Almost missed it! I'm glad I did not leave this question without reading this answer :O –  atoMerz Nov 17 '13 at 9:09

One Manual work around one of our engineers found, if it is not your application, start a cmd prompt, right click on the window and click the "Run as Administrator" menu item. in my case running the .jnlp file work!

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When you try to run your application, your IDE attempts to start adb but it ends up getting 740 process error or adb down because your IDE is not allowed to run an adb.exe file from your platform tools in your sdk folder.


  1. Kill adb.exe, kill eclipse.exe from task manager in windows.
  2. Close eclipse and disconnects your phone and restart it and disable USB debugging and enable it again.
  3. Go to eclipse icon right click and choose run as administrator
  4. Connect it to your device and run your application.

A golden tip - always run your eclipse,sdk manager,command prompt as administrator so your system gives full permission to specific application.

tested on window 7 64bit

device Samsung 4.4 eclipse ide

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